Last lecture Synergy Global Forum (Russia) 50,000 people en audience. 2000000 Internet subscribers.
Ekaterinburg (Russia)
Audience 2000 persons
Lecture, Nov. 2019
Dr. Adizes has received
Twenty-one honorary doctorates
from universities in eleven countries.
Dr. Adizes, Founder of the Adizes Institute, was identified as one
of the world's Best communicators.
The Holmes Report, 2017


حياة الشركات دورات إدارة (Arabic) (e-Book)
إدارة دورات حياة الشركات هي نظرة محدثة وموسعة للعمل الكلاسيكي ، دورات حياة الشركات. يقدم الكتاب رؤى وتحسينات جديدة لأدواته...
Mastering Change: Introduction to Organizational Therapy (Revised & Expanded Edition) (English)
Building a company requires a complementary team. It needs collaborative leadership a team of leaders who differ in their styles...
Mastering Change: Participant's Manual (English)
The Participant's Manual is a perfect companion for students with space to answer questions posed by Dr. Adizes himself. Conversations...
Managing Corporate Lifecycles (Complete edition) (English)
The cornerstone of the Adizes Methodology; an Updated and Expanded Look at Internationally Bestselling classic "Corporate Lifecycles." In this edition,...
Leading the Leaders (English)
This book summarizes for the reader the Doctor’s insights based on many years of work in the field of organizational...
The Ideal Executive (English)
While many of us want to believe that we are able to complete all tasks as quickly and as well...
Leadership Set (English)
Every leader has their own collection of leadership books that they turn to over and over for sound guidance, strategies,...
Insights On Personal Growth: Volume 3 (English)
The Insights Series is a compilation of Dr. Adizes' short stories, articles, and revelations over the years. On Personal Growth,...
The Pursuit of Prime (English)
From its conception, a company struggles to be born. It then experiences the growing pains of infancy and adolescence and...
Conversations with CEOs: Adizes Methodology in Practice (English)
Conversations with CEOs is a collection of discussions between Dr. Adizes and business leaders like Dan Maydan, President of Applied...
Management/ Mismanagement Styles (English)
Dr. Adizes introduces the second in the series of 3 books in his Leadership Series with Management/ Mismanagement Styles:  How...
How to Manage in Times of Crisis (English)
In “How to Manage in Times of Crisis” you will learn how to prepare for inevitable approaching challenges in life...


  • Compulsive reading for every CEO, statesman or spouse! Embracing diversity the Adizes way could have saved countless corporations, countries, and marriages!
  • “The Institute’s methodology has enhanced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and as continuous opportunity for the bank.”
  • "We appreciated Ichak Adizes’ approach to doing business, his personal energy, charm and unrivaled professionalism. We thank him for the fruitful cooperation and assistance in solving complex organizational issues. Collaboration with Dr. Adizes and his team allowed us to adjust the management process and significantly improve the efficiency of the company.”