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Managing Corporate Lifecycle (English)

Managing Corporate Lifecycle (English)

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Just as every system has a lifecycle, every organization has its own lifecycle that needs to be managed; otherwise, without decisions customized to the specific location on the lifecycle, a company spins out of control, allows conflict to turn destructive, and declines precipitously. Being able to analyze each stage accurately and strategize appropriately is critical. This book provides a deep dive into every aspect of the cyclical continuum: how to accurately discern and analyze the stage that your organization is in, what to do to spur growth, and how to predict future problems and use continuous change to your advantage. Take charge of your destiny. As a leader, you must learn to distinguish normal problems – the transitions that an organization should go through to move to the next stage of the lifecycle – from abnormal problems that you can avoid. This book will sharpen your decision-making and equip you with the know-how to be an effective and efficient leader of change.

Original Title Managing Corporate Lifecycle
Language English
Hardcover 530 pages
ISBN-13 9781952587214
Vendor Adizes Institute Publication
Date Published Jan 01, 2023
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