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Management/ Mismanagement Styles (English)

Management/ Mismanagement Styles (English)

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Dr. Adizes introduces the second in the series of 3 books in his Leadership Series with Management/ Mismanagement Styles:  How to Identify a Style and What to Do About It. In this book, Dr. Adizes explains why one person is unable to perform all the four roles necessary for the effective management of the organization at the same time. One cannot effectively be a producer of results, an administrator, an entrepreneur and an integrator all at once.

This book will teach you to assess and improve your management style and the management styles of your colleagues or subordinates and to understand how to form a complementary team of leaders.

Original Title Management/ Mismanagement Styles
Language English
Paperback 236 pages
ISBN-13 978-0937120088
ISBN-10 0937120014
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
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