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The Power of Opposites (English)

The Power of Opposites (English)

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As 2017 was ushered in, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, together with co-authors Yechezkel Madanes MA, and Ruth Madanes CPC published “The Power of Opposites: How to succeed in your marriage and family not in spite of, but because of, your differences.” This book is the latest among a string of bestsellers, and was written to teach people how to manage their marriages and families as an organization.

With his signature academic rigor, Dr. Adizes shows why conflict within marriages and within family dynamics is unavoidable. He shows how you can take conflict, which may become destructive, and turn it around into something constructive that helps you build a long-lasting, happy marriage and resulting family. With the methods Dr. Adizes reveals in this book, couples simply don’t have no need to panic when conflict shows up in the relationship.

Original Title The Power of Opposites
Language English
Paperback 118 pages
ISBN-13 9780937120330
ISBN-10 1541294556
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Dec 30, 2016
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