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The Pursuit of Prime (English) (e-Book)

The Pursuit of Prime (English) (e-Book)

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From its conception, a company struggles to be born. It then experiences the growing pains of infancy and adolescence and may evolve to become very different from what its founders first envisioned. Companies that mature into profitable, vibrant businesses reach the height of their creative energies in the stage called Prime. Can a company defy fate and remain in prime forever? Dr. Adizes not only explains how you can bring your company to prime - but teaches you to keep it there!

“Here is Adizes at his very best. There's an angel in his details and in the practical holism he has mastered. His track record proves it. Leaders wishing to stay in touch, in tune, and in prime should take note."

-Dr. Don Beck, Author of Spiral Dynamics

Original Title The Pursuit of Prime
Language English
Paperback 304 pages
ISBN-13 978-1888232226
ISBN-10 1888232226
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Jan 25, 1996


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