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The Power of Collaborative Leadership - Free chapter

The Power of Collaborative Leadership - Free chapter

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Who is the ideal executive to run a business? A mythical hero who can do it all perfectly all the time, single-handedly resolving paradoxes and incompatible goals with supreme ease, may come to mind. Yet, practical experience reveals that the “perfect” executive is as mythical as the unicorn. The rapidly evolving challenges of today’s business world require a renaissance in reality-based executive leadership able to adapt to change, manage conflict, and deal with systems going out of sync – and everything is a system. The metamorphosis of the “ideal executive” has led to the only workable solution: a team of leaders with a mixture of managerial styles that complement each other. However, while an integrated team approach is optimal, the diversity of styles, thoughts, and background causes conflict that can be destructive. Addressing this challenge head-on with proven strategies that have worked around the world with unprecedented results, the Adizes Methodology gives leaders the tools to make conflict constructive by creating and sustaining the right culture to support diversity and complementary managerial styles on the same team. Step into the remaking of executive leadership to be relevant in this day and age, leading with a new paradigm shift.

Original Title The Power of Collaborative Leadership (English)
Language English
Hardcover 320 pages
ISBN-13 9781952587146
Vendor Lulu xPress
Date Published Jan 01, 2023
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