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Systemic Coaching (English)

Systemic Coaching (English)

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Discover a different world of coaching. A world where a holistic, integrative approach gives you the practical tools to not only differentiate your coaching from others who use conventional, one-size-fits-all canned methods, but also to grow yourself in the mastery of self-management and, ultimately, to become whole. The key that unlocks this shift to the next level of self-coaching and proactive guidance of others is the Adizes Methodology of systemic coaching.

Do you want to make positive, lasting changes in yourself? Do you want to make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives? The insights and wisdom found in this book will transform how you think about change. Dr. Ichak Adizes, an Internationally renowned thought leader, provides a set of proven techniques for coaching through mindful transitions. Whether you are facilitating organizational therapy or coaching an individual to overcome inner conflict amid critical decisions, this book will reinvigorate your vitality and revolutionize how you share your talents, personal growth, and experience in your sphere of influence.

Original Title Systemic Coaching
Language English
Hardcover 244 pages
ISBN-13 9781952587153
Vendor Lulu xPress
Date Published Jan 01, 2023
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