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Insights On Management: Volume 3 (English)

Insights On Management: Volume 3 (English)

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Insights on Management: Volume III collects articles, blogs, and lectures specifically focused on Management and Leadership.

With Volumes 1 and 2 already available, and the release of On Management: Volume III, coming November 1st, On Management is inspirational and educational.

In fact, I already have a favorite quote from within the first 30 pages:

On Management is about admitting to yourself as a manger, what ‘is’ and what ‘isn’t.’ It is about seeing problems as opportunities and ‘Potential Improvement Points.’ It is about realizing that change only stops when we are dead, so we need to get used to it. And to become a better manager, we need to learn how to handle it in the best possible way.

Language English
Paperback 191 pages
ISBN-13 9780937120408
ISBN-10 0937120405
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Jan 01, 2018
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