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Insights On Management: Volume 2 (English)

Insights On Management: Volume 2 (English)

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Dr. Adizes has spent much of the past forty eight years thinking about management. He has conducted research and written books on the subject; acted as to organizations, both corporate and governmental, and tussled with the concrete and very real problems surrounding issues and ideas related to management. Awakened in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, as ideas and theories about managing organizations large and small played out in his mind, the result is the second volume of management insights, frequently written in response to a sudden idea or newspaper headline. Dr. Adizes’ insights on are informed by the research, hands-on consulting, and writing of books that have preceded these particular insights.

Original Title Insights On Management: Volume 2
Language English
Paperback 163 pages
ISBN-13 9780937120316
ISBN-10 0937120316
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Jan 01, 2014
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