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完美管理者 (Chinese simple)

完美管理者 (Chinese simple)

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How does a perfect manager behave? The perfect manager is a performance creator, an excellent administrator, an entrepreneur, and an integrator. He acts in a planned manner, coordinating human resources. He assigns tasks, develops corporate actions, and coordinates human resources. He assigns tasks, develops the market for the enterprise, promotes production, financing, and develops human resources continuously and systematically.
  However, management is too complex a process for any individual to play all the roles required for management at the same time. Each role corresponds to a unique behavior pattern. The roles in the management process are in conflict with each other at a given time. Based on this fact, the author analyzes five types of management failures, gives the only possible way to become a perfect manager, and finally reveals the perfect role of enterprise managers.
  This book shows you in a way that allows you to accurately identify common types of management failures, bypass typical management pitfalls, and get closer to becoming the perfect manager.

Original Title The Ideal Executive
Language Chinese
Paperback 244 pages
ISBN-13 9787508033167
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Jan 01, 2004
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