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Leading the Leaders (English)

Leading the Leaders (English)

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This book summarizes for the reader the Doctor’s insights based on many years of work in the field of organizational transformation (“consulting”). Since his work as an organizational transformation and lecturer frequently takes him around the globe, he has been able to compare notes and share his observations with executives around the world

Leading the Leaders is not a survey of the literature, although Dr. Adizes does include some references to illustrate that experiences are not unique to him. Rather, these prescriptions are notes from the battleground, based on his experiences in coaching executives around the world. These are presented as steps. For example:

The first step is to understand that the different styles speak different “languages” – in other words, they infer different meanings from different communication cues in word and in gesture. Conflict between the different styles is unavoidable; but by learning to speak the “language” of the people we are working with, we can build a complementary team and nourish it, thus preventing that conflict from becoming destructive.

Concepts are reinforced, such as paying attention to how behavior affects others. If you know your style, then you also know that your style of communicating is apt to be problematic for the other styles. If you know in what ways it is problematic, then you can compensate.

And here is where we come to the premise of this book: How to compensate for your style so you can work with others; and how to coach others so that they can work with each other.


Original Title Leading the Leaders
Language English
Paperback 306 pages
ISBN-13 978-0937120057
ISBN-10 0937120057
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Mar 20, 2015
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