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Leadership Set (English)

Leadership Set (English)

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Every leader has their own collection of leadership books that they turn to over and over for sound guidance, strategies, frameworks, business acumen, and inspiration. The 3-part series of books on leadership written by Dr. Ichak Adizes are three such must-read books for every leader who wants to grow their business, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and lead a thriving, healthy organization. Available as part of the “Leadership” set, these transformative books from a world-renowned expert in leadership development provide tools and insights that equip leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit world to address today’s challenges and emerging opportunities. The set includes:

  • The Ideal Executive 
  • Leading the Leaders
  • Management/Mismanagement Styles

Dr. Adizes’ series of leadership books reveal the root causes of organizational dysfunction and mismanagement, as well as provide strategic blueprints to drive uncommon success as leaders and as an organization. These books perfectly complement and build on each other, spanning how to form a leadership team that is most effective, how to build a productive culture of trust and mutual respect, how to balance flexibility and control, how to identify the right management styles for your organization, and how to make conflict constructive, rather than destructive. 

Whether you keep them on the shelf beside your desk, put them in your personal library, keep them on your nightstand for quick reference, or store them on your electronic readers – these volumes will give you access to decades of invaluable experience in management and executive leadership. They will transform how you think about organizational well-being and spur a cycle of continuous renewal, growth, and prosperity. Accelerate your own advancement as a leader.

Original Title Leading the Leaders, The ideal Executive, Management / Mismanagement Styles
Language English
Paperback 306-295-236
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications

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