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How to Manage in Times of Crisis (English) (e-Book)

How to Manage in Times of Crisis (English) (e-Book)

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With the Covid-19 crisis current and global it is comforting to have the wisdom and knowledge of Author Dr. Ichak Adizes and his books.

Released as a written version of his presentation to the Russian Academy of Economics in 2009, (just after the 2008 Financial Crisis)  - Where Dr. Adizes is an honorary scientific advisor and recipient of an honorary doctorate- this E-Book version of Dr. Adizes' speech gives us hope, and an appropriate strategy, to prepare and rebuild.

Original Title How To Manage in Times of Crisis
Language English
Paperback 80 pages
ISBN-13 9780937120095
Vendor Adizes Institute Publications
Date Published Nov 10, 2010

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